Cinex Films designs websites that establish effective brands online while making use of the latest technologies.  Sophisticated planning is key to creating effective websites.  We guide clients through a detailed process from creative brainstorming to design and development.  And we will make sure that you understand how to manage and update your site with content to make sure you are not tethered to paying $50 each time you need a spelling change or content update.  Our sites are all fully responsive designs, so they are perfectly ready for the new mobile-first initiatives by Google.  They look good on mobile, desktop, and even tablets.  We offer mobile apps to help you with reviewing your traffic stats, organizing a portfolio or updating your blog.


We believe what you see is what you get so we will develop the site and give you live updates as we progress, so you can see exactly what the site not only looks like but functions as well.  We'll make sure all the correct tags and metal-data is accurate, so you'll profit from your social media initiatives and SEO work.


  • Meet + Planning Session
  • Technical Considerations + Options
  • Visual + Creative Layout
  • Development Begins
  • Feedback & Revisions
  • Additional Content Population
  • QA + Launch
  • Maintenance Training
  • Success!


We create compelling presentations that engage and inform your audience.  No more cheesy cartoon icons.  You provide the data, or have our copywriter refine and/or work with you to develop the content and we will craft a truly professional presentation.  And, we not only will help you rehearse the talk, but provide full a/v support and event management if needed.  You need a presentation that WOWS the audience.


  • Full presentations design
  • Content-only writing
  • Technical A/V Support
  • Rehearsal Motivation


  • Establish Credibility and rapport early
  • Expressly state the the purpose of the presentation
  • Use professional supporting visual materials
  • Segue between ideas with clear points
  • Ask them to think big and to question what they know
  • Be prepared for hard questions or have your own
  • Have a firm and clear close
  • Thank the audience