training + patient education

Healthcare Media has taken on many forms, whether it be e-learning, touch screen educational content, large screen trade show displays, or a medical device walk-through on a mobile phone.  Pharmaceutical video use has exploded on television, the internet, and on the tablet.  At Cinex we have developed online workflows that are not only a life-saver of the product but meet the tight timelines typically present and revive the important bottom line as well.


value add for clients and patients

Quick response teams can be flown to capture live surgical  procedures with precision.  Our teams know from experience how to behave in a medical or surgical environment, respecting hippa data, regulatory requirements, internal controls and government laws.  Whether it be a promotional piece, employee benefit communications, a fundraising endeavor, or a higher-ed training tract Cinex can deliver the correct message affordably and on time.


types of medical productions

  • Patient - Direct-to-Consumer Promotion and Education
  • Healthcare Professional - Education and Corporate Training
  • Training - Sales, Safety, Process, Management Corporate
  • Public Relations - or Crisis Communications
  • Product or Service Communications - Internal and External
  • Events - Meetings, Conventions, Trade shows, and Conferences
  • Internal Communications - Employee, Management, Corporate
  • Corporate/Image - Investor Relations
  • Live Video Broadcasts - HLS Live Streaming

new models, service specials, staff intros

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!  Filming automotive focused content, whether it be dynamic fast and furious scenes or technical drawings we get excited about each and every time we are able to shift one of our clients products or services into high gear.  Familiar and personal aficionados of high horsepower, lets us know both the expected angles and avenues as well as what type of exciting and unique approaches will get your point across.

From trackside to oceanside we have a variety of vehicles available;  everything from a quick BMW chase car or SUV, to our 25’ boat can become filming platforms.  We also have access to a fleet of helicopters.


video content marketing topics

  • Financing Specials & Competitive Comparisons
  • Accessory and/or Aftermarket Offers
  • Dealership & Personnel Awards
  • Open House Events & Charity/Ride-a-thons
  • Dealership Walk-throughs
  • New Model Introductions
  • Sales, Service, Warranty Specials and Benefits
  • Facility Renovations

materials + marketing

Filming with young people presents some unique challenges.  From their attention span, and length of shoot all have to be taken into consideration.  We know how to involve them and keep them performing while we capture them and provide winning content for our clients.  We’ve filmed everything from higher ed graduations, plays, to pre-school classrooms.  Law schools, financial institutions, all worked with us.  Multi-week events for Ivy-league universities, sporting events and athlete interviews.  We have created promo reels for individual resumes.


we use these tools everyday

The tools we spec are tools we use everyday.  Which tools hold up day in and day out from pounding union staff or over zealous students.  What pieces work really well together, and which manufacturers offer easier to use features for less.

Besides being a/v consultant we actually are real-world testers and trouble shooters.  If you have issues with cabling, or your routing of video signals or even a problem which isn’t dictated by the instruction manuals, we can help you find out if that piece of gear is not working correctly, not engineered for that type of service you are hoping for, a bug,or maybe something else.  Don’t waste time and class hours lamenting and replacing perfectly sound resources.



  • Needs Assessment/Analysis
  • Recommendations and equipment guidance
  • Human Interface design for control systems
  • Coordination with IT Departments
  • Final system checkout
  • End-user training


  • Executive Offices
  • Classrooms & Training Rooms
  • Museums & Exhibit Displays
  • Audio/Video Production Facilities
  • TV Studios + Audio Suites
  • Video Editing Suites + Screening Rooms
  • Multimedia Labs + Edit Suites
  • House of Worship + Large Venue Sound Systems
  • Home Theaters