Marc Smiler

Damon Miller


we produce

  • branding and promotional films
  • internal communications
  • social media clips
  • business presentations and trade shows
  • podcasts and webisodes
  • training, safety, and human resource
  • educational lectures
  • technical, how-to, and customer support
  • staff biographies and case studies
  • live streaming of events
  • conferences, seminars, lectures

stress-free process

  1. discuss your concerns, needs, wishes, and expectations on-site or via video call

  2. present creative concepts and scriptsto visualize the finished product

  3. determine logistics;  locations, lighting, time of day, noise, every little detail is considered

  4. film the project with appropriate crew

  5. edit sequencedclips, add effects, text and graphics, balance color and sound

  6. deliver the successful project